Support Our International Students

Help international students find in-person classes so they can stay in the US

A message from the founding team of SOIS

What started off as a small gSheet to help kids switch classes, is now turning into a rapid Nation-wide effort to help international students navigate their education in the middle of a global pandemic.

That being said, the support within just the last 36 hours has been remarkable to see and we are grateful and excited to continue our work. With this momentum we wanted to share that it is clear that our voices and our universities have the power to enact change.

This momentum serves as proof that we can and must fight for change that includes EVERYONE: Undocumented students, Black students, 1st gen students and so forth. With the growing awareness of the myriad of inhumane ICE policies, we ask that you work to protect all of your friends and family regardless of their background

Here, you can search for classes and connect with fellow students, or donate your spot in a class that someone else might need. We also have resources, links to petitions and many other helpful things. This site is still under development so let us know if you have any ideas.

Additional Resources

Connect with other students

Check our database of students who are willing to give up their spot in a class.

See if someone at your school needs help

This is our database of international students who have asked us to share their information in hopes that someone will reach out to them.

Help Someone

Are you a domestic student who has a spot in an in-person class? Would you be willing to give your spot to someone who needs it? Great! Sign up here.

Have people reach out to you

Didn't find anything on our current database that suites your needs? Sign up here to join our database of international students. Hopefully someone will reach out to you!

Coursicle has also reached out to us and could provide valuable course registration resources

Click here for email templates, petitions and educational resources

Click here for lists of in-person classes at many schools (now including community colleges!)

Questions, concerns or suggestions?